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Louisiana: Red Stick Festival 2015

For many people, summer just means nicer weather and weekends filled with yard work and the occasional outing with the family. For others, it means adventures in our beautiful Rocky Mountains or vacations to the ocean shores.  Well for us that work in the brewing industry, summer means more and more festivals! Our summers are filled with celebrations of craft beer, delicious food, and of course live music. Today we are going to celebrate a festival happening in one of the 22 states that FCB craft beer is distributed to… Louisiana!

Louisiana’s Red Stick International Festival 2015 is going on this weekend in Baton Rouge! This fun-filled weekend is sponsored in part by Louisiana State University’s New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME). Red Stick and NIME have collaborated to find ways to inspire the next generation of artists to view science, technology and art in a way that in turn inspires others of their community. They believe that “artists are discoverers as well as creators” and that they give us a new perspective on the world.

Luke DuBois – Internationally Known Composer, Artist & Performer

The Opening Gala kicks off the weekend festivities on Friday with an electronica DJ followed by digital performance artists Evidence & Luke DuBois. These two separate acts are internationally renowned performers of creative sounds and video art, and have performed in festivals and exhibited in galleries throughout the world. Saturday starts off with a Kids Lab where the little ones can experiment with different audio and visual creations. Later, there is a Maker Faire & Expo for the older kids. To end the day, Red Stick is projecting a movie on the lawn. Pitch Perfect was filmed right there in Baton Rouge so it only seems fitting to show it at the end of a wonderful day (and don’t forget your favorite beer and popcorn)! Finishing off the crazy weekend, Sunday starts with an animations retrospective at the Louisiana Art and Science Museum and ends with the Art Exhibit Opening and Reception.


It’s fulfilling to learn about Red Stick and what they do for their community. Their mission to expand the minds of individuals through visual and audio creativity is astounding. Here at FCB, we want to inspire others to chase their dreams; whether it be starting their own business from the ground up or simply doing something today that they’ve always wanted to do. Grab a beer, sit on the porch, talk to your friends, and inspire yourself and others around you. You don’t need a giant festival to be moved, but it’s a great kick-start!
To learn more about this awesome festival and the passion behind what they do, click the link below!
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