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Creativity is a core ingredient of making great beer, just as important as water, malt, yeast, and hops. Because of this we have a profound respect for all creative endeavors and want to see creativity thrive in our communities.

That’s why we have partnered with the Downtown Artery to found the FCB Art Brewery, a studio in the Artery dedicated to the making of beer-inspired art. Beginning in June 2013, 2 selected visual artists will ¬†get full use of the studio space for free for four months so they can experiment with beer-inspired pieces that show the deep connection between beer and art, in addition to whatever other non-beer projects they choose.

Because our goal is to support The Arts and individual artists, our artists will retain full ownership of every piece they produce.

As the Art Brewers finish their pieces, we will post images to this website, and you will be able to see them in person at the Downtown Artery during First Friday Gallery Walks. The Art Brewers will also post periodic updates to the FCB YouTube channel.

Current Art Brewers (June-Sept. 2013)

Tomas Herrera
Tomas began his interest in visual storytelling at a very early age. He is an accomplished actor, writer, and director, having worked with many professionals currently performing in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Born and raised in Colorado, Tomas began acting at the age of seven. He has since been involved in numerous theatrical, television and film projects, including his own feature film comedy, Sign of the Times. Recently, Tomas has been seen on stages in Northern Colorado for Bas Bleu and Openstage Theatre & Company. Tomas incorporates many techniques and methods into his storytelling. He believes, ultimately, his job is to serve the intention behind each story.

Some of Tomas’ work can be viewed at

Dave Marca
Dave Marca has moved through many realms of artistic expression. He trained as an actor at the prestigious American Academy in Los Angeles, a painter in both Barcelona and Heidelberg, a fiction writer in Dublin and a story teller during a five-month ramble through Central America, and most currently, a designer/animator in Ft. Collins.

He was born in Chicago and moved throughout the Western world for much of his life. His work is influenced by the likes of Girogio di Chirico, Yves Klein, El Lissitzky, and Herge.

Marca works mainly in two-dimensions that masquerade as three. His interest in the Void, spurred on by Klein, has led him to further exploration of the imaginative push and pull of flat surfaces appearing on multiple planes. This, in combination with the low-brow influence of comic strips and graphic novels, allows for a new synthesis of color and line that deserves further development.

Marca’s current direction focuses on the the drastic shift in how humanity consumes plastic arts in our rapid information age. Value, Meaning and Art – in conjunction with how our attention is applied to them – are the themes one can count upon seeing in his future work.

Some of Dave Marca’s work can be viewed at

Dave and Tomas’ Application Video

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  • Peggy Quinn

    How do you apply?

    • Mathew

      Hi, Peggy. We’re not taking applications right now, but we’ll post a link when we open applications.

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