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From pilsner to barleywine, FCB’s array of ales and lagers are meant for enjoying with creative food and friends. Everything we do is founded on the principles of creating, sharing, and savoring: concepts that summarize our philosophy on how beer should be created and enjoyed, and tenets that guide how we run our business and interact with our communities.

 Making beer is an endeavor that draws on many industries and skills, from agriculture, to chemistry, to engineering, but what binds them all together to make a great beer is creativity. Only when beer is approached as a form of art, when a recipe and method are built on an inspired idea, can a beer reach its full potential.

Thus, our process begins with creativity, but that is far from the end. Beer is a social beverage, meant for us (the brewers) to share with you, and for you to share with friends and family. Beer can certainly be appreciated by one’s self, perhaps winding down after a day of work while reading a book, but we find that beer is best enjoyed among others: having dinner with friends, at a bar with colleagues after work, or at a concert amid thousands of individuals drawn together for a common purpose. 

Finally, when the fruit of a brewer’s creativity is in your hand and you find yourself among friends, beer is ready to be savored. Consider the wide variety of colors, tastes, textures and smells that beer can possess. We especially love drinking beer with food or using beer as an ingredient while cooking. Experiment with how different beers can change a good meal to an unforgettable culinary experience. And most importantly, notice how having the right beer in your hand can transform a typical get-together with friends and family into an experience you never want to stop living.