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Community is one of the core values of Fort Collins Brewery. If your organization is hosting an event to benefit a good cause, and you think FCB can help by providing beer or merchandise, let us know below. Due to the amount of donation requests that FCB receives, we cannot guarantee a brewery donation.

If you are trying to reach us regarding a commercial sponsorship (rather than a philanthropic donation) please email info@fortcollinsbrewery.com.

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Event Description: Tell us everything you can about the event. Necessary information includes the event name, purpose of event, and expected attendance, but the more information the better.

Items Requested: Our preferred means of helping out is by providing beer, which is available in 1/2 barrel kegs (serves around 120 pints), 1/6 barrel kegs (serves around 40 pints) and cases (contains 24 bottles). We may also be able to provide merchandise and gift cards. Sorry, we cannot accommodate requests for cash.

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Additional Information: Anything we haven't covered yet? What about your plans for promoting the event and any benefits we would receive for our donation?