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FCB made its debut in 2003 as a German lager house.   Owners Tom and Jan Peters built an incredible foundation that started from three brews (Edgar, Doktor and Z lager) to now, a robust line up of 50 ales and lagers.

In the past decade, FCB welcomed many changes. The installation of a packing line in 2007 helped to improve the efficiency of beer transfer. In August of 2010, FCB moved from its location at 1900 E. Lincoln ave. to 1020 E. Lincoln Ave, a site that is 3 times larger than the previous facility. Wanting to expand on their love of beer and cooking with beer, the Peters family opened a tavern inside the brewery in May of 2011. In the coming years, FCB expanded its production facility by implementing a 50 BBL Rolec Automated System and a GEA Westfalia Centrifuge to continue to increase quality, consistency and production of our brew roster.

In 2014 their daughter Tina, who has worked at her family’s brewery and tavern since the age of 22, took on co-ownership. Since then, FCB has been undergoing significant changes on the brewery side that include recipe revamps, packaging and artwork.

Under Tina’s leadership, FCB sought to reinvent itself. Different beer styles such as kettle souring, cellared ales and wild yeast strains were proudly featured in the 2016 lineup. Additionally, the new packaging artwork helped cut through the chaos of store shelves and continues to reinforce FCB’s evolving vision. To continue to provide versatility and quality to consumers, a canning line was added to the production facility at the end of February 2016.  Because of the versatility and sustainability of cans, FCB decided to become in all can facility in June of 2016.

Today, FCB and its Modern Tavern proudly services the Ft. Collins community with innovative and deliciously crafted beer and locally sourced comfort food with a modern twist. Nationally, the brewery is distributed to 18 states. As food and beer trends continue to evolve, twist and turn, FCB is passionately committed to providing the best possible products for its patrons.