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At Fort Collins Brewery, we love cooking with beer. Our hope is that our beer will help enhance the flavors of these recipes. So whether it’s sweet or savory, know that each recipe was thoughtfully created so that you can enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal made with delicious brew. Cheers!

Red Banshee’s caramel and toffee tones will enhance the savory flavors of this peppercorn filet. (Full recipe)

The sweet tartness of Major Tom’s will help bring out the flavors of this popular seafood appetizer. (Full recipe)

Far Away IPA has a tropical fruit nose that is the perfect addition to this citrusy dessert. (Full recipe)

Shot Down will make this chocolate mousse even more decadent and even more cocoa forward. (Full recipe)

The tropical fruit notes of Barley Wine can only add to this delicious apple jelly. (Full recipe)

The bready wheat and clove tones will be a wonderful complement to this cheesy fondue. (Full recipe)

The pineapple and stone fruit aromas in Scarlett on Brett will bring out the savory flavors from the cheeses. The malty character of the brew will pair nicely with the bread and green apples. (Full recipe)

The tart cherries and understated malty backbone in this Imperial Red Ale will be a wonderful addition to this skillet dish. (Full recipe)

Delicious flavors of ginger, black pepper and sweet orange peel will pair magnificently with the sweetness of the nectarines or peaches. Serve with vanilla ice cream to take this sweet treat to the next level! (Full recipe)

The caramel tones from Oktoberfest’s Vienna, Munich and Carared malts will bring out a delicate herbal bouquet of flavors of this pork tenderloin. (Full recipe)

The honey and champagne vinegar will mingle with the slightly tart Oud Bruin, bringing out a relative sweetness for this delicious late summer salad. (full recipe)

The malt driven profile of Sled God elevates rich creamy brie while enhancing the flavors of brown sugar and vanilla. (Full recipe)

Double Down’s Equinox and Summer hops bring a fresh citrus take on the classic creme brûlée. (Full recipe)