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• FCB installed 270 feet of pipe to ship our spent grain to local cattle farms. We then purchase local Colorado beef for the restaurant, closing the cycle.

• Instead of air conditioning we constructed automated louvers and exhaust fans. By opening the louvers at night to cool our beer storage, and exhausting warm air during the day, we are able to save energy by not refrigerating.

• We built a separate organic drain system, allowing us to separate beer bi-products and yeast from the city’s waste water system, thus lessening the load on the city’s utilities.

• State of the art automated lighting system with occupancy sensors and programmed lighting times allows us to reduce the amount of electricity.

• We have hands-free bathrooms with no paper towels and waterless urinals to reduce paper and water consumption.

• The commissioning of our 50bbls Rolec Automated brew haus reduces our water ratio to 5.3bbl water/per 1 bbl of beer.

• Switching from DE filtering to our GEA Westfalia Centrifuge clarification eliminates 6,000 lbs. of DE waste per year.

• We provide biodegradable to-go boxes and avoid the use of plastic, styrofoam and other harmful waste products.

• Our sales team uses a fleet of Smart Cars, which are 95% recyclable, to minimize ecological impact.


• We continue to earn recognition for our our high percentage of participation in Fort Collins Bike to Work Day challenges.